Chris Motz

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Combining playfulness with engineering

What do you get when you mix flashing LEDS, touch sensors, and an armadillo? A Gizmo! One of the fun things about design is that it doesn’t always have to make sense. Playfulness can be a powerful tool to challenge the observer and create a sense of wonder. GIZMO was a three-week project to create something that did not necessarily fill any user needs, but creatively used a variety of materials, sensors, and interactions.

My Armadillo Lamp is an Arduino-powered lamp with conductive pads around its base. The lamp shines rainbow light in its base state, but changes to solid colours as your touch these pads. At the same time, it stretches out and rolls up like an armadillo. This project was completed with Hanne Viehmann & Xinru Xie.

Completed with Hanne Viehmann & Xinru Xie
London, UK | November 2019