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Information Bank

Budgeting your personal information

Will data be the currency of the future? Some certainly think so and are actively preparing and designing for this eventuality. Information Bank is an ongoing project operating under the Network Media research group at the Keio University Graduate School of Media Design. Their ambitious goal is to research and design for the future of the internet. This application is a data budgeting tool based on the group’s research.

I had previously explored data privacy in an earlier project (see Data Beast). Information Bank, however, was a notably unique project because it took place in Japan where there are different regulatory restrictions and, more importantly, where the public attitude towards data privacy is extremely different to that in the UK. As such, much of research process was focused on understanding public sentiment towards personal online information. What type of information is important to them? What is not? Do they know what companies are using their information for?

Extensively making use of bank metaphors, I designed a mobile application through which users can keep track of their online information and who is accessing it. Using a debt and credit system, users can see the creditors who are accessing their information and assess the quality of each of creditor. For each type of data, the user can set a budget of how much of that information they’d like to share, as well as see why companies are interested in that particular piece of information.

Tokyo, Japan | August 2019